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We are your team’s Assistant on Demand

Delegate your Awesome PA any Research or Task such as to buy, book, arrange or find things. Talk to your PA via SMS, FB messenger or Slack. Free to chat and set tasks, only pay for research time used.

Why Awesome?

Our researchers can find, analyze and structure any public information from list of bloggers to funding benchmarks.

Simply text what you need and consider it done. No hassle. No lengthy search process.

Benefit from our exclusive partner discounts. Including hotel and flight booking, food delivery, booking meeting spaces and much more.

Always with you and your team - available over SMS, Facebook and Slack.

For startups the only thing 
more precious than Money is Time 

The Truth

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What teams say about Awesome:



Honestly I dreamed about having a PA for a long time, just never could afford that for our team even after we got funding.



Makes a lot of sense to have Awesome figure out all bits and pieces for the team such as travel arrangements or pre-screening some freelancers for us.



I think its become a little like a competition in the office now with the coolest way to use Awesome. Arranging donuts and coffee for the whole team on Mondays is my personal favorite.